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Figuromo Artist: Zemelo Wizard


(Min 2Gb device RAM)Featured Artwork by Sorin Lupu! Zemelo was entered in the Dominance Wars III art competition and was in the top 50 finalists. A powerful mage that controls the magic of matter and light, Zemelo Wizard can take on many materials and colors. Its up to you to decide the spell he is casting and what color his magic fire will take on.
This detailed sculpture allows you to express your design skills in marvelous inventiveness. Pick a part, change the clay and varnish, splash on color, and see it in 3D. Easy, Fun, and Addictive!"Most Realistic figurine coloring App on the App Store"Start with a white clay Zemelo Wizard, combine color with a poof of magic, add Realistic 3D clay, glass, metal, plastic, and Varnish to shine and gloss, or matte and scratch.
With these Mobile Collectibles get ready for a new creative experience with Infinite color and material combinations that show off your mood and style
-Save up to 12 Zemelo Wizard figure sculpture creations-2 Coloring Modes for amazing color design combinations-Combine and Change Figurine Varnish and Material in real time...Clay, Metal, plastic, gloss, shine, scratch and matte
-Switch to full screen Preview for a full-screen 3d image of your custom sculpture figure artwork-Take a screenshot and share your Zemelo Wizard design and custom creation art style with friends-Use your custom sculpture design for avatars and backgrounds-Create unique birthday cards and invitations with your unique design creation-Upload your Zemelo Wizard design sculpture on facebook and twitter
Figuromo: ZemeloCollection: ArtistSerial #: 09-005
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